Utopia/Dystopia Final 3

The idea of a child (representing me wanting to be a child again) floating in the sky translates the idea of weightlessness. Not just physically but mentally. Having nothing to worry about, feeling free, and being at peace.
The image of being up high while a storm is happening in front of me translates the idea of being above or in control any problems happening with me. It also represents a feeling personal to me. Growing up, my father and I would always sit on the front porch together to watch thunderstorms. To have something to scary going on but not feeling scared, rather feeling peaceful and calm..it is a wonderful thing.
My last idea was a picture of me holding myself in my hands. This basically translates the idea of me being able to be in control of myself. In control of my life, my emotions, whatever effects my life. Although we have a great deal of control of all these things, it is not all the time. Sometimes I get lost. I guess it is kinda like me being my own God.

Very unfinished, but you get the idea.


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