Subvertising Ads

For our 3rd project we had to find an ad and critique the message that it sends.
These are the basic ideas I have for 3 ads I have chosen.

The vodka ad: All you see is the vodka bottle with bright red legs pointed to the sky beside it. The first thought to my head was that in result to drinking, you increase the chance of getting those legs to spread. I mean, they are already up in the air. Sex seems to be the main message here.
Breast Cancer Awareness ad: Although this is an ad to raise breast cancer awareness..I do not see the need for the models to be nude. Again, sex comes to my mind. Sexual objectification.
Reebox ad: When I saw this ad the first thing I noticed wasn’t the tennis shoes, it was her butt in those skin tight jeans. You can see her from behind in the foreground and turning in the mirror to see her butt too! You see her butt twice compared to the tennis shoes once. This ad would make me feel that anyone who is out of shape, that buying these shoes to workout or just to wear everyday would promote you having a better, more attractive body.


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