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Memory & Time Final

This video was made by me and Duffy Austin with help from Emma White, Drew Prack, and Ian Law.

This video is about a guy who is late for work and while he doesnt notice the world has ended, he has an unexpected fate.

It was difficult working with others on this project due to conflicting schedules. However, when we did get together it became a very fun project. Most of the work I had been a part of was as the photographer and some acting as a zombie.


Subvertising Final

I decided to direct the ad towards men and sexuality because it was the first reaction I got to the ad.
I tried to keep the ad as original as possible while changing the context. So I changed the alcohol content information on the bottle to the tag line “It’ll knock her on her back” in reference to the saying “It’ll knock you on your ass”.
If you look closely to the text on the left, I changed “Please use responsibly” to “Please use a condom”.
Also I added a silhouette of a male to to make the viewer aware that a male is present and ready to “get some”. I distorted the shadow falling behind the bottle because I tried to achieve the feeling of perspective and that the background is not flat but more of a ground.
If I could change anything, I would work more on executing the shadow better so it is less confusing.

Utopia/Dystopia Final

The image of being up high while a storm is happening in front of me translates the idea of being above or in control any problems happening with me. It also represents a feeling personal to me. Growing up, my father and I would always sit on the front porch together to watch thunderstorms. To have something scary going on but not feeling scared, rather feeling peaceful and is a wonderful thing.
I tinted her and the rock red to represent her absorbing the storm above and behind her.
This is my utopia, while it could be someone’s dystopia.

Editorial Illustration Final

For my final I chose the “Superman Money Logo.”
I decided to use colors associated with the U.S. dollar bill.
I added a few light reflections and was satisfied.