Utopia/Dystopia Photos

These are a few photos from Dan’s Rock that I took that I may use some for my project.
I plan to take more photos and add them later.
The first couple of photos are stock photos I found on the internet.


Utopia/Dystopia 5 Sketches

Wikipedia states:
The word comes from the Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) and means “no place”. The English homophone eutopia, derived from the Greek εὖ (“good” or “well”) and τόπος (“place”), means “good place”.
Dystopia: from Ancient Greek: δυσ-, “bad, ill”, and Ancient Greek: τόπος, “place, landscape”; alternatively cacotopia, or anti-utopia.

Our second project, we must work in Photoshop to edit photos to create our own idea of utopia or dystopia.
I have come up with 5 ideas that are my own personal utopias. Some of which could be dystopias to others or turn in to dystopias myself.

The idea of me floating in water or in the sky translates the idea of weightlessness. Not just physically but mentally. Having nothing to worry about, feeling free, and being at peace.
The image of being up high while a storm is happening in front of me translates the idea of being above or in control any problems happening with me. It also represents a feeling personal to me. Growing up, my father and I would always sit on the front porch together to watch thunderstorms. To have something to scary going on but not feeling scared, rather feeling peaceful and calm..it is a wonderful thing.
My sketch of me and a friend in the clouds is a representation of eternal life, or more possibly after-life. Two years ago I lost a friend very close to me, and want nothing more than to see and be with her again. A world where we could stay with loved-ones forever, not worry about death or injury, would be my ultimate utopia. Im sure everyone wishes they could be back with an old friend, family member, or even pet.
My last idea was a picture of me holding myself in my hands. This basically translates the idea of me being able to be in control of myself. In control of my life, my emotions, whatever effects my life. Although we have a great deal of control of all these things, it is not all the time. Sometimes I get lost. I guess it is kinda like me being my own God.

Editorial Illustration Final

For my final I chose the “Superman Money Logo.”
I decided to use colors associated with the U.S. dollar bill.
I added a few light reflections and was satisfied.

Editorial Illustration Pt.2

My first choice was the idea of Wonder Woman getting a tattoo. I decided to go in to more detail and take some-what of a different approach. Instead of her simply saying she would like a tattoo to go with her new costume, I have her actually getting the tattoo.
I like the simplicity in the Superman/dollar sign logo and decided to work with it. The dollar sign would be green and the background be shades of gray, similar to an actual dollar bill.
My third choice is the 3 men representing DC Comics, Marvel, and Disney all being buddies.

Editorial Illustration

Editorial Illustration for the article “Heroes Take Flight, Again.”
DC Comics is doing a continuity reboot on all 56 series. The is a business move by DC Comics to remake the series and hopefully boost sales.

Since this whole re-vamp is to make more money, the first idea that came to mind was to alter the Superman logo.
The “S” is now a “$.”
I like this idea because it is very simple. I struggle with it because I feel it is “too easy” of an idea; I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been done before.

Since they are giving some of the characters completely new (modern) costumes, I tried to think of other ways to modernize Wonder Woman.
I came to the idea of her asking for some “kick-ass tattoos to compliment her new kick-ass costume.”
This is a one of my favorable ideas.

This sketch translates the idea that the new Wonder Woman image is going to make DC Comics money, when the old Wonder Woman image is no longer.

This sketch came from the idea that DC Comics is basically asking for your money.

Originally Batman wasn’t the dark character that he is now; this happened when he witnessed his parents die and sought revenge.
If I was Batman, and got a second chance, I would want my parents back and to be happy again.

Someone in class had mentioned that Disney had bought Marvel, and make a lot of money.
The idea is that now since DC Comics will be potentially making more money, maybe Disney and Marvel with want to hang.
This sketch is another one of my favorites.